Esteem indicators

Over the last few years, Samer Bagaeen has delivered keynotes and public lectures at conferences and universities in the UK, Turkey, France, Romania, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. More recently, since 2011, he delivered the keynote address, Forces for good: making the most of military land for public benefit, at the Defence Heritage 2012 conference at the Wessex Institute of Technology, he chaired and organised the UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2012 held at University of Brighton, UK ( and was a member of the Scientific Committee of the 6th Private Urban Governance Conference, Istanbul Technical University, 9-11 September 2011. He is leading current international work in the fields of gated communities and private urban governance ( and is hosting this year in Brighton the 7th biannual conference of the gated communities and private urban governance network.

Having developed a reputation for high quality engaged social research with local communities across Brighton and Hove, Dr. Bagaeen is cementing the universities reputation as a centre for excellence in town and community planning.